Create A Memory and Have A Spirited Day!


This interactive retreat is designed to provide a quiet space to tap into your inner wisdom and be part of light, love and peace.  Join others who also seek to grow and learn. 

This exciting weekend retreat features the special gifts and knowledge shared by KENDRA BELGRAD and KAYLA MINER.  

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The Event Fee includes:

  • 2 Night Stay at the Baladerry Inn
  • Breakfast Both Mornings
  • Pizza, Sub, Salad Dinner Friday Evening (Special dietary needs can be addressed)
  • Guided Meditation Session
  • Interactive Class/Workshops:
  •      Workshop on learning to read Oracle Cards and personal divination
  •      Workshop on the basics of Reiki and how to use it in your daily life




Baladerry Inn

40 Hospital Road

Gettysburg, PA


  (Based on Room Occupancy)

Double Room Occupancy - $380 per person
Single Room Occupancy - $640 per person

Triple Room Occupancy - $345 per person (Shamrock or Marigold Room Only)

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold

your room.  The remaining fee is due by

October 1, 2019

See EVENT BROCHURE for room descriptions

and more details.




​ All cancellations made before October 1, 2019 will receive a full refund of any money paid less the non-refundable deposit and a $50 processing fee.  All cancellations made to a reservation after October 1, 2019 will forfeit all money paid.  If the event is cancelled due to a state weather emergency, money will be refunded or credited toward a future event.


Reiki, Readings and Recharge Retreat

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Tap into your inner wisdom and learn how to use it to interpret symbols, colors and uplifting messages with Oracle Cards.  This workshop will be led by KENDRA BELGRAD.

 Whether interested in learning the art of card reading for yourself or others, this comprehensive workshop will give you knowledge and skills needed to learn Oracle Card reading and personal divination.

During this 2 hour hands-on workshop attendees will:

Learn how to choose a deck and how to prepare for readings.
Step away from the guidebook -letting intuition take the lead.
Learn how to ask the right questions, for optimum guidance.
Practice a guided reading for yourself, then experience a breakout session reading for others.

There is no experience necessary.  A limited number of Oracle card decks will be provided to attendees for use during the workshop.  If you have your own deck, feel free to bring it with you for practice!  Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!  Attendees will receive a resource, emailed after the workshop, filled with practical information and helpful tips for continued study into the fascinating world of Oracle Messages and Interpretation.


Be a part of light, love and peace as you learn the basics of Reiki.  You will learn the skills to use holistic Reiki every day after taking this workshop led by KAYLA MINER.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • What is Reiki?
  • The History of Reiki
  • The Seven Chakras
  • How we use Reiki every day
  • How to infuse Reiki into meals and baths
  • Health benefits of Reiki
  • How Reiki changes you and your body
  • How to use Reiki to heal energy and locations that need it

Participants will learn how to feel the energy of others and participate in a guided group Reiki share.  By the end of this workshop you should have an understanding of how you can use Reiki to benefit your life and the lives of those around you.


End the day with an insightful guided mediation led by KENDRA BELGRAD.   


  • 45-Minute Private Reiki Session - $30
  • 15-Minute Private Oracle Card Reading - $20
  • Combination Private Reiki Blessing with 10-minute Oracle card reading - $30

Disclaimer – The information provided during readings is subject to your own personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions.  Spirited Events by Jofa is not liable for any actions you take as a result of your reading.  Psychic and Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only.