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​Are you ready to walk into 2021 with a new sense of awe and hopefulness?

Would you like to connect with your higher self to set the 2021 journey into motion on a Soul Level?

Join in this Shamanic Journey with your Higher Self Zoom Room Experience.

We will allow our physical body to rest deeply, as our Soul Body enters into an altered state and we will meet our Higher Self. Here in this Liminal Space we will receive a symbolic offering to help us navigate the New Year  

Shamanic Journey is a Guided Meditation. It works with your Pineal Gland, engaging the Imaginal Cells of your physical Brain to activate your Mind to energetically travel into your subconscious. With the guidance of Sharon's voice and the energy tools she incorporates, your mind will follow along a path of healing and enlightenment.

Distance Reiki, Spirit Chants, Crystals/Stones, Essential Oils, Earth Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Healing Kabbalistic Prayers, Animal Medicine, and many Shamanic Techniques are all incorporated into each Journey. During the beginning of the Journey, Sharon will guide you in relaxing your physical self so that your energetic self can emerge to explore. You physically remain in “the real” while your mind journeys into the places where the world is created to serve your highest good . Once the journey is over, Sharon will guide you back.

Spirits, Spirit Animals, Light Beings, Tree Spirits, Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Departed Loved Ones, Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters will accompany you, in the imaginal space.


Some people fall “asleep” during Journey. That happens so that the Physical body steps away while the Energy body is working its Magick. Just allow and receive. Only what is for your highest good will come through.

DISCLAIMER:  The Content discussed during this event is subject to your own personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Do not rely on information discussed during this event in place of seeking professional advice.  Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Any psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.  We respect your privacy and do not share any information with third parties.  Spirited Events by Jofa is not liable for any actions you may take as a result of this event.

"Shamanic Journey with your

Higher Self " 

with Sharon Muzio

Live Online Zoom Event


Sharon owns and operates Alta View Wellness Center. She has extensive bodywork experience, as well as, practicing critical care and rehabilitative nursing since 1979. She is an aroma therapist, and a Reiki Master Practitioner. Sharon practices Shamanic Healing coupled with Reiki. She facilitates montlhy Shamanic Meditation Circles to empower womyn of all ages. Sharon has several certifications in specialty bodywork, including Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Facial Refloxogy, Traditional Reflexology, and Myofacial Release. Sharon has studied various movement modalities and has incorporated these techniques in her corrective myotherapy sessions. Sharon serves as a volunteer for the National Massage Boards Ethics and Standards Committee.

Sharon teaches NCBTMB Certified Continuing Education Classes. Sharon is the creator of the Spirit of Oneness Holistic Expo, an annual holistic event that takes place the first week end of October at the Zembo Shrine. Sharon has a private Mentorship Practice for Holistic Practitioners, interested in developing their Practices. She is available for Speaking Engagements as well.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021


11:00am to 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time


This event will be done online via Zoom.  Event online link and password will be emailed to you after successful registration and payment.


$40.00 Per Person


All reservations and registrations are final. No refunds will be issued if you cancel or do not attend.