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Psychic William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism (translated in three languages to date), and The Autism Prophecies. His other books of the paranormal genre include The Secret Language of Spirit: Understanding Spirit Communication in Our Everyday Lives, Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!), and Under Spiritual Siege: How Ghosts and Demons Affect Us and How to Combat Them, about spiritual warfare and how negative spiritual entities affect those of us who are susceptible. 

Since 2004, Bill has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor. His accuracy in discerning the truth and making predictions that come to fruition has been acclaimed by his clients as truly extraordinary, and ranks at 90-98% accurate. He specializes in identifying clients' gifts and talents as well as aiding discarnate spirits (ghosts) to transition to the Heavenly realm. And he has investigated hauntings on behalf of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. Bill has also relieved others of the physical symptoms of pain and discomfort with prayer and laying on of hands. He has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases.

William Stillman takes his psychic work very seriously. Before each event, he spends about 45 minutes in prayer and meditation. Of his spiritual gifts, Bill says:

“I prepare for my work as a musician or vocalist prepares for a concert or an athlete trains for a marathon. I pray throughout each day so as to raise my consciousness and elevate my awareness to attain a perpetual state of meditation. I have been vegetarian since the mid-1990s; I drink some juice with my breakfast and then drink only water the rest of each day. I do not curse or swear nor do I lie, not about anything—not even what others call ‘white lies.’ I exercise every day by lifting weights, doing pushups and going for long walks. I do my best to create as pure and clear and clean a channel as possible because my body—my physical and emotional well-being—is my instrument. This allows me to work from a purely intuitive standpoint without the need of cards or other devices. My work is natural, not supernatural; normal, not paranormal. I think of it as interpreting a foreign language on behalf of others not yet as fluent as I.”

Bill has been interviewed on numerous radio shows of a paranormal nature including Coast to Coast AM, the most listened to overnight radio program in North America. Since 2006, Bill has been a recurring guest on He has also been a guest on the popular YouTube series, Swedenborg and Life. He has been interviewed on the Web series CharVision by internationally renowned psychic medium Char Margolis, who called Stillman “really fascinating."

DISCLAIMER:  The information William Stillman provides during private readings and psychic galleries is subject to each attendee’s own personal interpretation, and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Psychic readings and galleries are for entertainment purposes only.  Spirited Events by Jofa is not responsible for any actions taken as a result of these readings.

Psychic and Paranormal Weekend at the Emig Mansion with Special Guest, William Stillman Psychic Medium 

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​Escape the winter blues with this intriguing psychic and paranormal event at the historic Emig Mansion!  Join acclaimed psychic medium, WILLIAM STILLMAN, for 2 exciting and insightful presentations. 

  • “Deciphering Spiritual Hieroglyphics:  Understanding the Iconography of Correspondences” from Spirit.
  • A Psychic Gallery


The $85 event fee is quite a deal!  The standard fee for the the "Decipher Spiritual Hieroglphics" is $50 per person and the "Psychic Gallery" is $50 per person.  

Book a room for the weekend at the Emig Mansion and you will not only receive admission to the “Deciphering Spiritual Hieroglyphics” and the Psychic Gallery, but you ALSO receive:

  • Participation in two paranormal investigations of the mansion including the basement with Jofa M. Kauffman of Spirited Events by Jofa,
  • Breakfast both mornings in the Grand Dining Room, and
  • A signed copy of William Stillman’s book, “The Secret Language of Spirit: Understanding Spirit Communication in Our Everyday Lives.”

Click HERE for Event Brochure which will give details on the weekend's activities, rooms and costs.



Friday through Sunday, March 22-24, 2019 


Check-In:  3:00-6:00pm


Emig Mansion

3342 N George Street

Emigsville, PA


$85 Per Person PLUS Room Cost

Click HERE for Event Brochure with Room Descriptions and Costs 




All reservations and registrations are final. No refunds will be issued if you cancel.

EMIG MANSION:  Located in the quaint village of Emigsville in South Central Pennsylvania, the skillfully restored 19th-century Emig Mansion provides the perfect setting for gracious hospitality. The home is resplendent with exquisite leaded and stained glass windows, intricate molding, original parquet floors and elegant marble and tile work.  Built in 1850, The Emig Mansion is decorated with antiques and furnishings authentic to the period. Enjoy your stay at the Emig Mansion in one of our guest rooms, each with its own special charm and unique features. All of the accommodations at the Emig Mansion are designed for the comfort and enjoyment of you, our guest.  Our rooms are named after the Emig children that lived here during the 1800s, and in keeping with our historic theme, all rooms are decorated with authentic antique furnishings and comfortable reproductions reminiscent of the 1800s style.

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