Possible Vortex

We took 44 pictures in a row.  All of the photos looked like the 1st picture except for the 3rd photo we took.  We caught this strange light anomaly.  

Sample Evidence from Paranormal Events

Each paranormal exploration is different and tends to generate different evidence.  Some is visual, some audible, some produces unusual responses from paranormal equipment and some produce direct impact on human feelings, emotions and senses.  Though Spirited Events by Jofa cannot guarantee anyone will experience some sort of paranormal activity, our paranormal explorations are designed to work with individuals to determine which type of paranormal activity they are most likely to encounter.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) Evidence: Click on the link below to listen to some of the EVPs that we have gathered from various events.  This is a small sampling of the hundreds we have cataloged.  


Photographic Evidence:  Below are a few samples of photographic evidence for your consideration.  Also, check out the "Spirited Encounter" story.

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Possible Vortex and Photo Taken Immediately Afterwards

​(No hair, camera straps or other objects were in front of the camera)