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Meet Jofa M. Kauffman

Founder of Spirited Events by Jofa

​Hello!  My name is Jofa M. Kauffman and I am the owner of Spirited Events by Jofa. Are you wondering how to properly pronounce my first name? It looks like it should be pronounced like sofa, but it's actually pronounced like Hoffa from Jimmy Hoffa. My name may look like I'm from another country, but let me assure you, I'm Pennsylvania Dutch through and through, born and raised in south Central Pennsylvania. Gotta love those apple dumplings!

I started Spirited Events by Jofa in 2014 so I could offer unique and intimate spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal events to my clients with the occasional fun girls weekend events thrown in there. Since COVID, I've been offering online events which has allowed clients from all across the country to join in. It's always great to see everyone's smiling faces on my computer screen, but I'm excited for the day when we can meet face-to-face again!
Having been an insurance professional for over 20 years, one day I realized I wanted more out of life.  Having run-my-course in the insurance industry, I had an overwhelming desire to explore metaphysics, spirituality and the paranormal.  Hence, Spirited Events by Jofa was born.

I hope you'll join me for all of the intriguing, thought-provoking and entertaining events offered by Spirited Events by Jofa.  Together let's explore the world, the universe, ourselves and life.  

​Have A Spirited Day!