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The dates and time of this 4-part private course will be determined by participant and guide.


This course will be done online via Zoom.  Course online link and password will be emailed to you after successful registration and payment.


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  • ​Do you know your life's purpose here on Earth?
  • Do you know how to find your life's purpose?
  • Are you currently living your life's purpose?

If any of these are questions you've been dealing with, let me serve as your guide to help you find and embrace your life's purpose!

Let’s explore your purpose here on Earth as we journey through your life.  Together, we will dive deep into how to find your life's purpose, what is that purpose and how do you live in sync with your purpose.   

Through a series of exercises, we’ll search for more meaning in your life and refine your direction.  You will delve deep into an immersion of spirituality and the metaphysics as we define your individual life purpose.  Be prepared to discover who you are through truthful and profound self-exploration.  This course includes four (4) 1-hour private Zoom sessions as well as some spiritual “homework” that you can use to clearly examine your purpose.  Join me on a journey of purpose and let’s get this exploration started!

Jofa M. Kauffman is the owner of Spirited Events by Jofa.  She has been facilitating metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal events since 2014.  As host of these stimulating events, Jofa has introduced her clients to gifted speakers presenting a multitude of metaphysical modalities and spiritual topics that open up new and exciting ways of thinking and living. 

Jofa took my own journey to find her life purpose by utilizing mediums, psychics, numerology, astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Hand and Fingerprint Analysis and a lot of deep meditation and soul searching.  

In addition, she has learn invaluable lessons from each and every presenter and is happy to share what she's learned with others to assist them on their own personal journey. 

Prior to starting Spirited Events by Jofa, she worked in the insurance industry since the early 80s as a highly accomplished business professional in various positions ranging from Executive Director of a physician owned PPO to CEO of a third party administrator.  

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Life Purpose Exploration

with Jofa M. Kauffman

Live Online Course Via Zoom

DISCLAIMER:  The Content discussed during this event is subject to your own personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Do not rely on information discussed during this event in place of seeking professional advice.  Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Any psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.  We respect your privacy and do not share any information with third parties.  Spirited Events by Jofa is not liable for any actions you may take as a result of this event.


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