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The Cleansing And Balancing Class - A Virtual Event


In these times we can sure use rejuvenation and self love. Join Psychic Medium Joseph D'Airo in a virtual session to provide some joy and positivity. Joseph will be explaining the fundamentals of how to cleanse your energy and bring positivity into your life. Joseph will be leading you in an original guided meditation designed for this session. This will be a great time to ask questions about energy and positivity and know how the universe is working to help you create balanced and joyful experiences.

Love and light.

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"Cleansing and Balancing" 

A Dose of Light and Positivity

with Psychic-Medium Joseph D'Airo

Via Zoom Online


Wednesday, October 14, 2020


7:00pm to 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time


This event will be done online via Zoom.  Event online link and password will be emailed to you after successful registration and payment.


$35 Per Person


All reservations and registrations are final. No refunds will be issued if you cancel or do not attend.

Psychic-Medium Joseph D'Airo

Psychic-Medium Joseph D'Airo is a Seer, Activator, and Visionary Artist who has
been connecting to spirit all of his life. He channels the guidance and wisdom our loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and other higher powers to help clients achieve their highest potential. As a Seer and Activator, Joseph connects with Spirit and communicates their guidance to help those he reads on their journey in creating a richer, more fulfilling life.

As a Visionary Artist, Joseph channels imagery from spirit to create beautiful illustrations for spiritual and emotional healing. Joseph is amazed by the many facets of the Universe and he continues to expand his knowledge. Joseph is well-versed in Crystals, Past Lives, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, and Shaman Healing to further assist in giving  messages and energy healings. Joseph connects to spirit using all senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, and intuitive knowing. 

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