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About The Founder

Jofa M. Kauffman

I’ve always loved planning gatherings as well as introducing people to experiences they've never had before.  With the numerous connections I’ve made over the years, I am now able to create one-of-a-kind events in south-central PA. 

Having been an insurance professional for over 20 years, one day I realized I wanted more out of life.  Having run-my-course in the insurance industry, I had an overwhelming desire to create unique experiences for people.  South-central PA has so much to offer in the way of rich history, outdoor adventures, educational venues and fun activities.  People often travel for hours for an adventure when they could have driven minutes to a captivating southern PA locale. So, I created Spirited Events by Jofa to introduce people to the treasures that abound near my home.

Let's create something special together such as:
​* Dine and spirits at local historic sites
* Intimate dinners in an orchard during apple blossom season and harvest time
* Paranormal events

* Bucket list events

* Spiritual and health improvement events
​And many more…let your creative spirit soar!