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An informal gathering of ladies, libations and a grown lady’s experience with “spirits”. 

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Create A Memory and Have A Spirited Day!

Join us for “Spirits & Spirits” as we explore the paranormal.  Come with an open mind, sip some spirits and learn about some ghostly spirit encounters!

Jofa M. Kauffman of Spirited Events by Jofa will speak about her 25+ years of experiences with ghosts and hauntings.  We will take a look at claims of ghostly hauntings and spirit communication from the other side and hear stories of the unusual and unexplained.  Jofa will share tales of her ghostly encounters including how her deceased Westie communicated with her including showing up in a photo!  Jofa will also provide a demonstration of electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs) recorded during her many paranormal investigations.  Have you ever experienced something that you couldn’t explain and didn’t have anyone to talk to about it?  This will be a great opportunity to discuss the paranormal in a judgement-free space.  Form your own opinion on whether ghosts and spirit communication is real or just for horror movies.

Spirits & Spirits