Welcome to Brushy Mountain State Prison…

These stone-cold walls hide many a story of the men who served time here. In the early days, the average sentence was 200 years. Gives one an idea of just how evil and vicious the crimes these men committed really were. A few tried, but none escaped the rattlesnake infested and fearsome mountains that held this place captive for more than a century. Even if you were lucky enough to break free of this castle-like fortress, the guards would catch you. Then you’d be banished to “The Hole,” a deep, dark dungeon, isolated from your friends—even sunlight. Enjoy your stay as you walk these haunted halls and peer in the cells that held some of the most notorious criminals in America. As we said… Welcome…to Brushy Mountain.

The Main Gate at Brushy…

When the main gate slammed shut at Brushy Mountain, prisoners knew they’d reached “the end of the line.” That’s when reality struck. You were locked away in this godforsaken place for the rest of your life. It brought tears to the eyes of some men and absolute hopelessness to others. Separated from friends, from family, from life as you knew it to life as it would be for many years to come. Locked away with violent, evil men who could turn on you in a moment’s notice. Confined to an 8 by 10-foot cement and iron cellblock that held your memories, your future, and your life.

The Whippings Administered at Brushy…

You didn’t want to misbehave, say a bad word about another prisoner’s wife or family member. And you especially didn’t want to assault another prisoner or you’d be whipped. The guards had a 7-foot long leather strap and when it hit your bare back it left more than open wounds and scars, it left memories you carried with you for the rest of your life. They’d drag a reluctant prisoner out to the yard. Have him strip down to his bare skin and turn his back to the guard. You could hear the screams all the way into town.

The Gun Ports in the Cafeteria…

The guard station that oversaw the cafeteria consisted of bullet-proof glass with two large holes. They were there for one purpose only. Shoot any troublemaker before real trouble started. There were also two guards in the cafeteria keeping watch over 200 some inmates. The last thing you wanted was a riot. If trouble broke out, inmates would stab each other, kick each other, or who knows what. Their favorite weapon was called a “sticker.” A knife they’d tape or tie to their wrist so it didn’t slip when they’d stab an inmate in the back. One-time inmates attacked and stabbed another inmate to death for stealing 3 pills (drugs). Turns out, it wasn’t him.

The Most Violent Place in the Prison…

The cafeteria was by far the most violent place at Brushy. One guard recalled an incident where a prisoner broke the chow line and headed for a table where other prisoners were eating. He walked up behind one of the men and hit him in the back of the head with a hammer. Blood gushed everywhere, including the trays the prisoners were eating from. Another remembered a sticking where an inmate was attacked with a meat cleaver and a long knife. Unfortunately, he wasn’t long for this world.

You Didn’t Want to Get Sent to the “Hole…

“The Hole” was the godforsaken pit where the warden sent you for bad behavior. It was dark, damp, isolated…and it would play tricks with your mind. You had no contact with others. On a bright day you might see a sliver of sunlight. Rumors were the warden might forget about those spending time here, extending their dreaded stays. The Hole would break the toughest, most vile criminals. It was a place you never wanted to be sent to or ever returned to. Once that heavy iron door is closed behind you… see if you’re not ready to scream in this place where no one but the walls can hear you.

Brushy was an unforgiving, dark, and sinister place. It was first opened in 1896. Many are surprised to discover that the prisoners themselves built the place where they were going to be locked away for a lifetime. Few were released. Brushy Mountain had 113 years of history that saw brutal crimes committed behind its walls, not to mention those despondent inmates who took their own lives. The spirits who walk the halls, rattle the bars in the cell blocks, and wait for those who want to connect with their evil souls in the dead of night… are here. 

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Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Exploration


Event fee is $85 per participant if registered and paid prior to October 1, 2017.  The Event fee is $95 if registered and paid on or after October 1, 2017.  Event fees are non-refundable.

Spirited Events by Jofa will be taking a road trip to the infamous Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee for a paranormal exploration.  This is a road trip you’ll want to take! This event follows the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary Paranormal Exploration on Saturday, November 12th in Petros, TN.  Join us for both events!


In the year of 1959, four medical professionals founded the facility and named it the “South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital” or “SPMH” for short. It consisted of a total of 68,000 sq ft and was designed to meet the medical care needs of the growing community. Many physical additions were constructed throughout the next several decades to the haunted hospital. Many lawsuits, wrongful deaths, child abuse deaths, and many tragic deaths due to fatal illnesses occurred. Unfortunately, due to a new hospital being built the long serving nonprofit hospital quietly closed its doors. Old South Pittsburg Hospital was closed in the year of 1998. Since then, it has been dubbed as one of the most haunted places in Tennessee.


Rooms to be investigated include: Psych Ward, Full Surgical suite consisting of 3 rooms, 2 Labor and Deliveries, Recovery, 2 Nurseries, 2 Maternity wards, TB Isolation room, Geriatrics, Long Term, Outpatient Surgery, ICU, General Admission, Tri-City Clinic, Pharmacy, ER, Morgue, a full basement to investigate, and many more!


The paranormal activity and haunts at Old South Pittsburg Hospital include:

  • Dark shadow figures
  • Disembodied voices and whispers
  • Shadow figure of a 7-foot man
  • The "sense" that someone is with you
  • People being touched
  • Walking, pacing and whistling sounds
  • Full bodies apparitions
  • ​Doors opening and closing on their own
  • Sounds of moving furniture, banging
  • Screams
  • Class A EVPs


Check-in is at 6 pm on Sunday, November 12, 2017.  You will be given the tour rules and regulations, followed by a guided tour.  After the tour, the paranormal exploration will begin.  The event will conclude on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 12:00 noon.  Some paranormal equipment will be available for your use.  However, we highly suggest that you bring your own cameras, recorders, paranormal equipment and flashlight. This event is designed for the serious, experienced paranormal explorer.  All attendees are required to complete a Paranormal License Agreement and Waiver of Liability and Rules Agreement.   These will be distributed at the beginning of the event.



Sunday, November 12, 2017 through  

Monday, November 13, 2017  


6:00pm to 12:00noon  


Old South Pittsburg Hospital  

1100 Holly Ave.  

South Pittsburg TN 37380 ​ 


$85 (If registered and paid prior  

to October 1, 2017)  


$95 (If registered and paid on  

or after October 1, 2017)  

  (Advanced Registration is Required)  

Each participant must be age 18  

and older. NO EXCEPTIONS.  




 Attendees must provide their own  

transportation to and from the event.

There are beds available to sleep in,  

but you need to bring your own bedding.​